Weekly Rundown: One Hundred and Five
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Good Evening and Welcome to this Week's Edition of Weekly Rundown!

Staff Updates

New Staff!

This week, we have Caden joining Radio and Chrisjsy joining Media!

Shadel has also passed their media trial!

Be sure to congratulate them all in our discord!



This week in numbers


At the head of the leaderboard we have Emma with 102 likes, followed closely by Adam & Chance with 85 likes! Then we have Alicia with 72 likes and Destiny with 58! If you want to like the DJ on air just hit the heart icon!


Staff of the week!

Best performing Staff Member

Each week, we choose someone to be the best performing staff of the week, for their work in a specific department.

This week, we have selected Fantasy for their amazing work in Radio! Here's what they had to say:

Hello! My name Is fantasy and I am a Community Moderator/Radio presenter here on Upbeat Radio. Alittle about myself is that i am a major aviation fan and I love to go plane spotting. I am also a gaming addict? HAHAH just kidding I love playing video games such as Valorant, Rainbow Six Seige and Warframe. So if you play any of this games do feel free to hit me up! XD. My passion to be a radio presenter is one of a kind. listening to radio DJs has inspired me to be one someday and here I am On my 4th month here! Alright that's all about me. Don't forget to STAY HAPPY!

Meet your Moderator


Hello! I am Alicia and I am one of the moderators here at UpBeat and I enjoy gaming, vlogging, coding, and making people smile. I am from the fellow welsh valleys. (Yes where the land of sheep exists to you all lol). I always try and interact with you all and make a positive impact on upbeat and make everyone feel welcome. I may have a disability but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I love and that I want everyone to always do what they love, even if they feel like it’s impossible where it isn’t! Always remember this favourite quote of mine: “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible”.

Here's what their manager, Adam, had to say about her:

This week I have picked Alicia for meet you moderator for their hard work and dedication at UpBeat, week after week they go above and beyond and I am so proud of Alicia. 

I would also like to thank Alicia more than ever for her dedicated work for going above and beyond for helping another staff member when they needed her the most. Also, Alicia is a good friend to me and many others within upbeat, Glad to call her one of my close friends! 


Upbeat News!

Calling all developers and graphic designers!

Yes, we are looking for YOU! Think you have what it takes to join the Upbeat Developer or Graphic team?

For developers, click here for more details.

For graphic designers, click here for more details.

Limited Edition Icons!

This month, we're giving you the opportunity to answer one of life's great mysteries: Which came first - the Chicken or the Egg?

Well here, you don't need to worry! You can get both for a limited time only! But you'll still have to pick which you buy first though...

Note that once these are gone, they're locked away forever, so get them while you can!


And that's it from us this week! We hope you have another safe week among the current circumstances, and make sure to tune in at 9pm GMT on Sundays for Radio Rewind, where we play Upbeat's Top 10 & bring you some of the best stuff that has happened over the past week!
5 months ago
wow 2 mods *proud tears*
5 months ago
Oh ITS MEEEE!! Everyone! XD i am soo honored to be named most hardworking staff! :D
5 months ago
Well done all and welcome Caden and Chrisjsy.
5 months ago
Welcome Caden and Chrisjsy, hope you both can fit in very nicely to the amazing staff team.
5 months ago
Welcome Caden and Chrisjsy to the team!
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