2 years ago 146 Jack
Version 2 Date Announced!
And boy is this gonna be big!

Jack has just hosted one of the most hyped shows in order to announce the date for Version 2! At 8:30 of his Version 2 Announcement show, he stated that the date of the release will be...

September 2nd!

During this hyped up show, Jack had an insane amount of requests and shoutouts piling up, reaching over 20 in just 40 minutes, as well as hitting 25 likes in 40 minutes too. Truly remarkable! Not only that, he even breached our listener peak of 81 listeners! 

Some of the shoutouts praised Jack's radio and showed excitement about the show

A person who shouted out as 'someone' said: "Jack. I'm very impressed with everything you are doing with upbeat well done."

Whilst Liam said: "V2 gonna have more surprises than a Jack in a Box? get it?"

Jack has posted previews of Version 2 (featuring the fabulous DJ Unknown's Face) which you can find here 

Jack also has a timer on the front page of UpBeat, which looks like this:


Are you guys hyped for Version 2? We here at UpBeat sure are!

If any of you who read this would like to relive the music Jack played for the announcement, be sure to follow his playlist on spotify! That can be found here.