Weekly Rundown: Ninety-One
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Good evening and welcome to this week's edition of Weekly Rundown! May I wish everyone a happy new year on behalf of Upbeat!


Staff Updates

New Staff!

This week, we have William, Makepeace & Tafina joining Radio, and we have Marmite, Destiny, Kai, Dylan & Jordan joining the Media department!

We also have Ashley & Hayleigh passing their Radio trials, and we have Doug & Ang passing their Media trials!

Be sure to congratulate them all in the discord!

I'm also happy to announce that Amaan has passed his Media Mentor trial as well!


This week in numbers


Alicia is only slightly ahead with 55 likes, with Samuel narrowly behind in 2nd with 53 likes. Adam & Hayleigh are on 30 each, and Ashley has had an amazing start with 27.

Want to influence the leaderboard? All you have to do is like the DJs whenever they're on air!


Staff of the week!

Best performing Staff Member

Each week, we choose someone to be the best performing staff of the week, for their work in a specific department. This week, we have selected Hayleigh for their amazing work in Radio! Here's what she had to say:

Hey! I'm Hayleigh, one of the Radio Presenters here at upbeat. I first got introduced to this community by my BF Gromit (ty hun x) and I don't regret joining. All the people here are so lovely and welcoming. Thank you so much for even considering me as staff of the week, it really means a lot. Hope you see you all in discord and listening to my shows ❤️

Be sure to congratulate her in our discord server. Well done Hayleigh!PageBreak_Christmas.png

Meet your Mentor

Dylster - Media Mentor

Hey, I'm Dylster, I am from the UK and enjoy developing different things such as programs made with Python. I like to play the guitar in my spare time and can play a variety of different songs. When I'm outside of the house, I enjoy playing in sports and using the gym to keep fit as well as going for regular walks with my family. 

I've been a Media Mentor at UpBeat for 1 week now and my job is to edit articles published by reporters, show them around the department and how they do their job and I am responsible for keeping Team Caption on track with their minimums.

Here's what his regional manager, Kacper, had to say about him:

What can I say about Dylster? He's only been a media mentor for not even a week and he's flying away! He's very easygoing, naturally funny, and a pleasure to work with. I can't wait to see what the future holds for him!PageBreak_Christmas.png

Upbeat News!

Calling all developers and graphic designers!

Yes, we are looking for YOU! Think you have what it takes to join the Upbeat Developer or Graphic team?

For developers, click here for more details.

For graphic designers, click here for more details.PageBreak_Christmas.png

And that's it from us this week! We hope you have another safe week among the current circumstances, and make sure to tune in at 9pm GMT on Sundays for Radio Rewind, where we play Upbeat's Top 10 & bring you some of the best stuff that has happened over the past week!

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Well done everyone!
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Well done all!
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well done hayleigh, proud of you <3
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It's you!!!
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Welcome and well done all!
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