Weekly Rundown: Ninety
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Welcome to:


Week 90



New Staff & Promotions

This week we have Ang, Mystikal, Liz and Doug joining Media. Welcome to the team.

Destiny, Bluey, Mystikal, Tafina and Joe have passed their Radio trials, Cal, Bajer, Jai and Bluey have all passed their Media trials. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Amaan on passing his Media Mentor trial! He's been an amazing addition to the team and make sure to congratulate him in our discord!

Congratulations to Harry and Erenfiko on passing their Moderator trials! They have been helped the moderation team a lot and their hard work will certainly not go unnoticed. Make sure to congratulate them in our discord!

We also want to welcome Joe and Ethan - to the Radio Mentor team! They will be an amazing addition to the team, make sure to make him feel very welcome in our discord!


Topping the like leaderboard this week is Dean with 180 likes. Following closely behind is Adam with 83, Alicia with 71, Samuel with 65, and Bernzy with 63! 

Want to influence the like leaderboard? Make sure to hit the heart button when your favourite DJ's are live.
Best Performing Staff Member

Each week, we choose someone to be the best performing staff member for their work in a specific department. This week, we have picked the amazing Bajer for his brilliant work in Moderation! Here's what he had to say:

Hi, I'm Bajer, a moderator here at UpBeat. I am 14 and am very glad that upbeat was introduced to me by StormForce nearly 3 months ago. I have made multiple new friends that are very supportive of almost everything that happens. Since joining the radio station my life has been a rollercoaster that never goes down, Upbeat was the first-ever radio station I have volunteered at and I was very anxious joining but the community is very welcoming and appreciating. This shows that you can do anything if you put your mind to it even if it is hard at first!

I'd like to thank Jack, The Administrators, Managers, and all other staff members at Upbeat for all their hard work and effort they put into UpBeat!

Congrats to Bajer! Make sure to come over and congratulate him in our discord server. Good job!
Hey guys, I'm Doron, also known online as nerdoron, I am 15 years old, and I live in Central Israel. I play quite a few musical instruments, including but not limited to: piano, guitar, drums, bass & ukulele. I am also the main video editor for Swiss001, an aviation youtube channel with 481k subscribers. 

I am a Radio Mentor here at UpBeat for about 3 weeks now, and my duty as a mentor is to help presenters with their problems, manage & "mentor"  my team and help new presenters get set up. Also, making sure the radio runs smoothly of course.

Here is what his Manager, Alicia, had to say:
Doron is one of those people who is quiet but gets his tasks one, he is a wonderful person and is a pleasure to work with, he makes sure that every DJ is set up properly and if they have any issues they can go to him and will easily let us know ASAP which is fantastic. He is lovely to speak to and easy to get along with! Keep up the good work Doron, we are all proud of you and lucky to have you here!

UpBeat is taking a break!
Applications will still be open, but the waiting period for your application to be accepted may be longer than usual, so please keep this in mind over the next 2 weeks :UBxmaspepe: Don’t forget to keep checking the advent calendar though, some special things coming up soon :eyos: Day 21 is now available https://upbeat.pw/advent

 We all hope you enjoy your Christmas and New years in lockdown or not!
-From The UpBeat staff team
That's all for this week folks! Come back next week for all of the latest news!
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Well done everyone!
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Welcome all new staff to UpBeat!
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