Weekly Rundown: Eighty Eight
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Welcome to:


Week 88



New Staff & Promotions

This week, we have Nik & Tyler joining Radio, and Jackmcd, Echo, Joshr, Trop, Joseph, Ethan & Clonk joining Media!

Offtopic & Pyro have also passed their Radio Trial, and Jakey & Toby have passed their Media trials!

Make sure to congratulate them in our discord!





A new month means a refreshed Leaderboard! At this moment, we have Dean running away with 66 likes, followed by Jamie with 49. Jmac & Kieran are drawing at 30, with Kai running behind at 26.

Want to influence who's on the leaderboard each week? Make sure to LIKE your favourite DJs when they're on air!



Best performing staff member

Each week, we choose someone to be best performing staff member for their work in a specific department. This week, we have picked the amazing Erenfiko for his brilliant work in Media! Here's what he had to say:

Ello everyone, it's Erenfiko or Erenfiko56 here. So I joined UpBeat about 4 or 5 months ago as a Radio Presenter, now I am a DJ and a Media Reporter. I look forward to some higher roles soon. I like planes, ships, trains and games. If I am not on Discord or live I am most likely doin some flights in flight sims or just try to overtake Lewis Hamilton in F1. I am a PC nerd,  I still like travelling. It is what makes me creative and makes me more "big brain". I like memes so if you guys got some good memes and wanna make me smile even on air, DM me a meme :)  I look forward to meet more of you guys on UpBeat and see more people join our staff team. Till the next time, bye from your Turkish mate :D




Hi! I’m Alicia, I am the new EU radio manager. If you don’t know much about me here is a short introduction. I love making videos and coding and gaming are also my favourites! I been self teaching myself in coding for a while now. If your wondering what videos I make, I make vlogs but I try and make them different in my own unique way. I am excited to be an manager here and I hope you all will get along with me too as i am so easily to get along and you can literally talk about anything to me :)

Here's what one of the Administrators, Amy, had to say about her:

Alicia is one of our newest members to the Management Team here at UpBeat. She over this past week has fitted in extremely well and is constantly proving to us that she deserves to be in this position! She is assisted by the one and only frog boy (Kermit) and they form such an amazing team with the constant communication - it’s impressive! Alicia is also one of those people who no matter the issue you can go to and she will help you to the best of her ability, she’s extremely kind and caring. We’re very thankful to have the addition of Alicia onto the Management Team and we hope she continues to thrive within her position during the time she is with us. Welcome to the team once again and we can’t wait to see how you help push the European Radio team further!



The Advent Calendar

If you've been keeping a cheeky eye out, you may have noticed that we have an advent calendar running.

Every day, there's a chance to win something, whether it be free VIP, Upbeat merch, or even Apple Airpods!

Make sure to check it every day, as each day is only available for 24 hours!


That's it for this week! Have a safe week, and tune into Radio Rewind, which should be on between 9-10pm on Sunday!

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congrats peeps
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Well done people!!!
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Well done all!
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Well Done
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