Weekly Rundown: Eighty Six
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Welcome to:


Week 86


Staff Updates

New Staff & Promotions

This week, we have Protonn, MadeBy, Shankman, Dave, Stanlee, David & Matthew joining Radio, and Danny, Ranbear, Matthew, Tommo, Thomas, Aidan, Alexlechet, Nicole & Alexx joining Media!

Vibeon has also passed his Radio Trial, and we have Callum, Alicia & Anna passing their Media trials!

Both Bernzy and Unique have passed their Radio Mentor trials, congrats!





Joe is still running away with 1st place, with 257 likes, ahead of Kieran's 229, which is more than double what 3rd place, Adam, has with 100. Brad & Max round up 4th and 5th with a draw on 97 each.


Staff of the week

Best performing staff member

Each week, we choose someone to be best performing staff member for their work in a specific department. This week, we have picked the amazing Natty for their brilliant work in Media! Here's what he had to say:

Hi there! My name is Natty, I joined upbeat only 3 weeks ago and already getting staff of the week :D.  I would like to thank Kieren for being the best team learner, helping me learn how to become the best me (#headlineno.1). Just a few words of wisdom, "you can't get success without failure" - some random quote I made up. I look forward to learning more about UB and staff, and maybe one day I will be in the position of Kieren helping new staff learn the ropes


Meet Your Manager!


Hello! I am Kermit, one of the EU Radio Managers here at UpBeat. My job is to hire new presenters and ensure that all presenters are up to standards & are happy here. When I'm not working on UpBeat things I'm probably asleep or at real life job (I know, very mature.) UpBeat is a great community to be a part of so you should definitely consider applying to become a Radio Presenter or a Media Reporter and get involved with the team! If you have any questions about UpBeat or being a staff member my DMs are always open for anyone to contact me on! I look forward to seeing you on the staff team if you choose to apply!

Here's what one of the Administrators, Francesca, had to say:

Kermit is a hilarious guy; he makes everyone smile! We’re happy to see his return after a couple of months being gone, as he’s always been very motivated and dedicated to UpBeat. He’s a great guy with a great personality, so get to know him if you haven’t already!


Upbeat News

Hiring Developers & Graphic Designers!

That's right, we're looking for experienced graphic designers and brilliant devs to join our already expanding team! If you feel you've got what it takes, check these links below to apply! We can't wait to see you all join us!

For more information on how to become a graphic designer, click here.

For more information on how to become a developer, click here.

10 months ago
congrats y'all
10 months ago
Welcome new staff welcome to upbeat and well done Alicia on moderator
10 months ago
10 months ago
congratulations to all of you who passes trial!
10 months ago
and congrats to Bernzy and Unique for passing trials!
10 months ago
Congrats to Natty for staff of the week!
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