2019 Election Results!
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2019 Election Results

Taking place on the 12th of December 2019, the most recent election has possibly been one of the most controversial in the History of Britain. People voted based on their Brexit opinions, but also based on where funding should be going, alongside many other factors. Finally, the results are in, so here they are.

Let's Start simply:

Here are the top 7 voted parties (in order of number of seats)

Party Name:Number of Seats:Percentage of Votes:Number of Votes:
Scottish National Party483.9%1,242,380
Liberal Democrat1111.5%3,675,342
Democratic Unionist Party80.8%244,127
Sinn Féin70.6%181,853
Plaid Cymru40.5%153,265

We can, therefore, confirm that the Conservative Party has a majority and enough seats to form a government.

Let's now analyze the results:

The Labour Party has had the greatest seat change of -59, followed by the Conservative Party of +47.

We can also see that the sum of the Labour and Liberal Democrat Party's votes total more than those of the Conservative Party, but the total of the seats are less. This is the reason that many people may say that our current system of first past the post is unfair.

Another example of this is that the Scottish National Party has fewer votes than the Liberal Democrat party, but more seats.

Let's analyze these results by country:

In England, the majority of seats were taken by the Conservative Party.

In Northern Ireland, the majority of seats were taken by the Democratic Unionist Party.

In Scotland, the majority of seats were taken by the Scottish National Party.

In Wales, the majority of seats were taken by the Labour Party.

Seat diagram:


Courtesy of BBC News




Scottish National Party

Liberal Democrat

Democratic Unionist Party

Sinn Féin

Plaid Cymru

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