Self Checkouts - The Truth
1 month ago 65 Foxy_Boy

The hidden truth behind the self-checkouts

Self Checkouts are the future for shopping. There is the thought from many people, that the new generation of shopping is taking jobs away. There is a real reason as to why these checkouts are here, is to help everyone. Stores such as Walmart have a budget on how much associates can work. On a busy day for some stores, they would have to call for backup making associates not complete their main task as much. With the addition of Self Checkouts, it ensures that shelves are stocked and tidy for the shopper's convenience.


Just like a normal employee, the self-checkouts can get sick or broken. This does make a new job for companies to come and repair the checkouts, adding a new job for other areas. The same goes for a normal employee, stores call in to have another employee come in and open more tills, to ensure that lines do not get too long. The costs can affect not just the hours for cashiers, but the whole store as well without the self-checkouts.

This all is just the beginning of the future. Robots can help us all the way through.

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