Are the oceans running out of oxygen?
1 month ago 40 Samuel

Fish species are at threat as rising temperatures lower sea oxygen levels

One of the largest studies on the subject has found this conclusion, after being fulfilled by conservation group IUCN.

Nutrient run-off has been known and researched for a while now, researchers have been able to confirm that climate change is a contributing factor.

Fish is an important part of our diet, and would, therefore, be disastrous for our lifestyles.

The study has found that 700 ocean sites have oxygens level lower than they should be, which is 655 more than in the 1960s.

Researchers have said that the most threatened species are tuna, marlin, and shark.

Scientists have learned that as the water temperature rises, it is unable to hold as much oxygen. 

They have also learned that lower oxygen levels are preferred by different species, in particular, the Jellyfish, but is hated by fast travelling fish, for example, Tuna.


Fast travelling fish despise low oxygen levels

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