Are Christmas Jumpers adding to the ongoing 'Pollution Crisis'?
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Are Christmas Jumpers contributing to the ongoing pollution crisis?

According to a recent report, the UK's love of buying Christmas jumpers every year is adding to the ongoing pollution crisis! Christmas jumpers usually have flashing lights or other adjustments to them, making them look 'showy-off' and 'flashy'. Christmas jumpers that contribute heavily to the pollution crisis are set to be scrapped this year. 


Since people are buying new Christmas Jumpers every year, it is causing a massive build-up of waste. However, the charity Hubbub has discovered that most new Christmas Jumpers this year contain plastic. Recent research found that 95% of Jumpers from stores were either made from wholly or partly of plastic materials. The charity, Hubbub, explained that Christmas Jumpers were quickly becoming the worst examples of fast fashion, and being extremely damaging to the environment.

With events such as Christmas Jumper day coming up, the increase of new Christmas Jumpers bought is set to rise, therefore increasing the plastic waste.

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2 months ago
someone explain how plastic from a jumper is meant to end up in the ocean