Sonic Boom Wakes Up Londoners?
2 months ago 70 Will

Loud bang wakes up the whole of London?

Early this morning (December 1st) numerous people tweeted about an 'explosion' causing their house to shake and wake them up. Some concluded it was a second attack after the London Bridge attack a few days earlier. But little did they know it was only one of the RAF's Typhoon jets as an aircraft lost communication and two of the jets were scrambled to intercept it.

The incident happened at about 4:20 am GMT with reports of houses shaking and police sirens straight after.

Both jets were given clearance to go faster than the speed of sound.

The British police quickly tweeted about the incident stating "there is no cause for concern."


RAF Jets are only cleared to go supersonic in emergencies, such as when an aircraft fails to respond to radio calls, or fly's into restricted airspace.

The aircraft was successfully intercepted, and communications were re-established.

The Typhoons have since "returned to base."

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2 months ago
Woke up shaking...
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u were shook