Hacking Website Taken Down!
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a website selling malicious hacks has been taken down!

Recently in the News, you may have heard about numerous Cyber Attacks, either towards big companies/organisations or to the more subtle home computers, either way, they have been made to disrupt a computer's performance. Recently, Police Forces from all around the world have been working to tackle these pieces of Illegal Software, and they have finally took a step in the right direction. They took down a website called "Imminent Methods" which was used to sell some deadly Trojans (Viruses)!

The Imminent Methods website has been taken down

The NCA (National Crime Agency) has made a statement stating that over 14,000 people had bought the Trojan Virus names "Imminent Monitor Remote Access". It sold for about £19. This Virus gave the User full access to the Victims PC, just like an application AnyDesk. They could access the webcam, control the PC and install a variety of malicious exploits.

This takedown was led by the AFP (Australian Federal Police). The services (listed above) now have access to the 14,000 individuals who have bought the software and are planning to charge them with whichever laws they have broke. Police in the UK has already charged people under the Computer Misuse Act. It is not completely known how many individuals have been affected, but police state that by them taking the website down, the software should have stopped working, supposedly.

do you think that eventually hacks like this will be eradicated? comment below!

1 month ago
I still struggle to understand how so many people can fall for such obvious things. I get that some are elderly but if you're under 60 there are very few excuses