Can Black Friday break buying record?
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is black friday as good as it used to be?

Early estimates for this year's Black Friday show the buying record could be broken! Barclays, a British bank, has said transactions have been 12.5% higher compared to last year, dropping to 9% between 1 & 2pm.

John Lewis shoppers were rushing to the electronics isle and getting discounted iPads, Airpods and much more! Budget stores such as Lidl also had incredible deals on T.Vs, which are rare to see being sold in stores alike.

However, some stores did not discount all items, leaving most makeup items full price.


Unfortunately, it is reported that you will find it very hard to get a good deal on the most popular and sought after products, as for some reason, research found most of them aren't on discount!

This leads us to wonder if shops only drop the prices on the stock they need to get rid of, and not all the popular items everyone buys on a daily basis.

Consumer group Which? reported there would be few good deals during Black Friday, and it looks like they were right!

Was Black friday how you expected it? let us know below!