Mystery 'Secret Santa' brings joy to a village!
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Random acts of kindness found around the city!

The idea of a Secret Santa has always brought a feel of mystery and happiness. Whether you do it in school, the workplace or just with your friends, I am sure you have always had fun with the mystery of "Who has my gift?!". I think to understand this news story, we have to go back to the original idea for Santa. Tales tell that a man who goes by Saint Nicholas. He delivered presents to houses during the night, nobody knew who it was, only tales told. A person in Kegworth has been seen to be recreating the folk tale.

A gift given to Ms Sunley

This unknown person who just goes by "Secret Santa" has been leaving presents all around the village. They have left notes with each package stating "Random act of kindness". The original Random act of Kindness movement was centred around the idea of if someone does something randomly good to you, you then repay it and do it to someone else, creating a chain of happiness. This seems to be what this person is creating.

The presents have varied completely. One contained a Christmas pudding (pictured below), one was boxes of chocolate, they vary each time!

Christmas pudding

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I want pudding now