The London Bridge Terror Attack
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The London Bridge Terror Attacks

Warning: Viewer Discretion is Advised.

In the early afternoon of Friday 29th November 2019, terror hit London as reports of somebody with a knife quickly spread. 

People fled when they heard the news, but all got worse when sudden gunfire erupted from London Bridge. People ran for their lives as a man armed with a gun went across the bridge in London. 

Members of the public run from the scene

One member of the public who saw the man quoted: "I just immediately called 999. It was quite hard because cars were passing in the way of what was happening."  Another one stated: "A police car appeared from the bridge and two police officers got out and started taking over. There was lots of shouting and them trying to restrain him or get people out of the way before they fired the guns."

Against the odds, several members of the public ran towards the armed man, knowing that they were putting their lives at risk. They pinned the armed suspect to the ground; restricting him from doing more damage.

Once the Metropolitan Police arrived on the scene, they dragged members of the public away from the suspect. Immediately, they fired shots towards the man taking no risks.

The number of casualties from the incident is not yet known.

Since 2011, knife crime in England and Wales his risen by over 10%. Police forces throughout the region are working extremely hard to prevent more attacks.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has praised the members of the public who performed acts of heroism risking their lives to save others.

The Metropolitan Police have declared this horrific incident as a terror-related incident.

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