Aviation Analytics - Week Six
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Aviation Analytics is a Weekly Article Series that covers hot topics from within the aviation industry from the week.
Check it out for newest planes, liveries, routes, failed airlines and more!


  • Lufthansa's Unauthorised Operations Land $4.6M FFA Fine.
    For over a year, Lufthansa has been flying to San Diego and Philadelphia without permission, in which the Federal Aviation Authority is proposing a fine to Lufthansa of $6.4 million.
    The FAA issues each foreign airline an operations specification which shows what airports the airline can have services to and from. In Lufthansa's case, they did not have permission to operate at Philadelphia or San Diego. - Lufthansa was breaking the rules to San Diego from March 22nd, 2018 to May 27th, 2019, in which they operated an Airbus A340 between Frankfurt and San Diego approximately 300 times each direction. For Philadelphia, they were operating from October 28th, 2018 to April 10th, 2019, flying 146 times each direction.
  • Iceland's PLAY Being Questioned.
    After the fall of Iceland's low-cost airline WOW in March 2019, there have been many different people and groups who have attempted to start up again, however none of them too successful. - Recently we have seen the entry of PLAY into the Icelandic Aviation equation, and the airline needs $14million of investments to start up. The airline has already racked up $44million in loans, but the rest of their money needed is hard to find from investors who are worried about getting a gain from their investment from a startup-low-cost airline.
  • Alitalia's Currently Losing 700,000 Euros a Day.
    Italian carrier Alitalia has been struggling financially for quite a while now, it has been 15 years since they posted a profit, and is reportedly losing 700,000 euros per day currently. The Italian government has been trying to find investors in the airline, but these attempts have been rather unsuccessful. 
    American carrier Delta Air Lines has reportedly pledged to invest up to 100million euros, for a 10% stake in the airline. - Lufthansa Group has also expressed its interest in the airline and wants to transform it into a profitable airline. - Two years ago, Etihad Airways withdrew its funding for the airline, as a previous shareholder.


  • Las Vegas Airport Handled 4.6 Million Passengers Last Month.
    Las Vegas McCarran International Airport has set another record for the number of passengers passing through the airport for the second time this year. In May, the airport saw 4.5 million passengers but has beaten that number by an additional 100,000 passengers in October. Not only does this figure affect the monthly growth, but it also reflects on the yearly growth to date, with 43.1 million passengers in 2019 already, giving the airport a 3.5% increase in passenger throughput. 
  • Greenland's Main Airport Could Close due to Global Warming.
  • Kangerlussuaq Airport, Greenland's main airport, and hub airport for Air Greenland is struggling due to climate change, and although rising sea levels are threatening the airport, permafrost is to blame for the degradation of the structural integrity of the airport. The permafrost is thawing, which could compromise the safety of the airport traffic.
    Greenland will be building new airports, one in Nuuk, and another in the North, which the Danish Airforce will take responsibility for. These new airports will be used when Kangerlussuaq Airport is no longer available. The airports are supposedly going to be ready by the end of 2023. 
  • Etihad Welcomed to Jeddah's New Terminal.
    Last week, Etihad Airways made its first arrival to the new Saudi Arabian airport, with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, there was a water cannon salute and a special reception. 
  • US Government to Invest $485 Million to 108 Airports.
    The United States Department of Transportation has announced that it will be investing $485 million into airports in 48 states. - Some of the key airports getting improvements are the following:
    San Jose International Airport, California - $10 million for aircraft rescue and firefighting building.
    Tampa International Airport, Florida - $6 million to upgrade their terminal building.
    Indianapolis International Airport, Indiana - $4.25 million to rehabilitate a runway.
    New Orleans International Airport, Louisiana - $7 million to extend a taxiway.
    Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Grand Rapids, Michigan - $5 million to rehabilitate the terminal.
    Asheville Regional Airport, North Carolina - $10 million for terminal rehabilitation.
    Cleveland International Airport, Ohio - $4.25 million to rehabilitate a runway.
    Wilmington International Airport, Delaware - $3 million to rehabilitate a runway.
    Portland International Airport, Oregon - $4 million to rehabilitate a taxiway. 
    Anchorage International Airport, Alaska - $9.6 million to rehabilitate the terminal.
    Baltimore/Washington International, Maryland - $3.3 million to reconstruct a taxiway and to rehabilitate taxiway lighting.
    James M Cox Dayton International, Ohio - $4.3 million to construct a terminal building.
    Philadelphia International Airport, 
    Pennsylvania - $10 million to reconstruct a taxiway.
    San Antonio International Airport, Texas - $3.1 million to rehabilitate a taxiway.
    Salt Lake City International Airport, Utah - $9 million to construct an apron.

Dubai Airshow 2019:

  • Dubai Airshow Creates $54.5 Billion in Sales.
    Dubai Airshow closed last weekend, and said in its press release that the event went above expectations:
    "We always want to outperform our last show, and 2019 has gone above and beyond expectation, with so much great business being done alongside an engaging and innovative programme of conferences, exhibits and flying displays."
    Sales at the Dubai Airshow maxed out to $54.5 billion. - Check last weeks' edition to see the main orders and sales from the Dubai Airshow!


  • Air Canada Boeing 787's Windscreen Cracks above Atlantic.
    An Air Canada Boeing 787 from London Heathrow to Toronto had a crack appear on the cockpit window of the aircraft, some 300 nautical miles from Shannon, Ireland. They were making good progress, and about to enter the deep Atlantic, the aircraft descended to 25,000 feet on route to Ireland. Since the aircraft had only been flying for just over an hour, they had plenty of fuel onboard, which they were required to dump for about 15 minutes outside of Dublin. About 55 minutes after the crack appeared, the aircraft landed in Dublin. - There were no injuries to pilots, crew or passengers.


  • Boeing Reveals 737 MAX 10 to Employees.
    In Renton, Washington on November 22nd, 2019, Boeing revealed it's Boeing 737 MAX 10 to thousands of employees. The aircraft is the biggest in the Boeing 737 family and has a capacity of 230 seats, and a length of 43.8metres.
    United Airlines is the biggest clients for the aircraft, with 100 units ordered. - VietJet has 80 units ordered.


  • FlyDubai Leases 4 Boeing 737's.
    flydubai has made a deal with Smartwings to lease four Boeing 737 aircraft, due to the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX. The carrier had many Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order, and many were meant to already be delivered now, but due to the grounding of the aircraft, and the airline unable to fly the aircraft, this has stunned the growth and operations of the airline.
  • Somon Air Orders 2 Embraer E190-E2 Jets.
    Somon Air, a Tajikistan airline has signed a memorandum of understanding to lease two Embraer E190-E2 jets from VTB Leasing. The jets will replace the airlines two Boeing 737's, which are 26 and 30 years old. 


  • SAS Takes Delivery of First Airbus A350.
    Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has had it's first Airbus A350XWB delivered. Registered SE-RSA, the aircraft will arrive at Copenhagen Airport today and will be flying routes for the airline within 2020.
  • British Airways' Airbus A350-1000 Damaged.
    British Airways was due to receive four Airbus A350-1000 by the end of the year, with two already being delivered, the fourth aircraft has been damaged while undergoing painting. Airbus has assured British Airways that the aircraft will still be delivered in December. 
  • Air France Retires First Airbus A380.
    Air France is planning to retire its Airbus A380's, one of which has flown to Malta for supposed repainting before being retired and returned to Dr Peters Group, the lessor.
    By 2022, Air France would have retired its fleet of 10 Airbus A380's.
  • Binter Canarias Takes Delivery of First Embraer E195-E2.
    Spanish Regional Carrier, Binter Canarias has taken delivery of the Embraer E195-E2 jet, in which the first of five have been delivered. The aircraft will be used to boost the airlines' network to Africa and Portugal.
    The jet is also the first E195-E2 in Europe and is configured in all-economy of 132 seats.
  • AirAsia Takes Delivery of First Airbus A321neo.
    AirAsia has taken delivery of its first Airbus A321neo in Hamburg, Germany. 
    "We could not be more thrilled that it will be the new backbone of our operations across the AirAsia Group. With the 25% increase capacity and 10% reduction in cost per seat, the A321neo will enable us to maintain low fares so 'Everyone Can Fly!'... This new generation aircraft delivers significant capacity and cost benefits which we can pass on to our guests in the form of great value fares and it also unlocks exciting network expansion opportunities allowing us to fly the aircraft for an additional one and a half hours longer."

Research & Development:

  • El Al Airlines to Trial 17 Hour, Tel Aviv to Melbourne Flights.
    Utilising the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, El Al Airlines has announced its plans to enter the world of super-long-haul flights, with the plan to operate a test non-stop flight from Tel Aviv to Melbourne. The flight will take approximately 16 hours and 45 minutes, and El Al has drawn inspiration from Qantas' Project Sunrise flights.


  • Juneyao Airlines Adds Dublin & Keflavik to Helsinki.
    Juneyao Airlines has announced another two fifth freedom flights to its Helsinki service, adding Dublin, Manchester and Keflavik. Currently operating a daily service from Shanghai to Helsinki, the airline will fly twice-weekly from Shanghai to Keflavik via Helsinki starting in March 2020. 
  • Norwegian Cuts Long Haul Routes from Copenhagen and Stockholm.
    Norwegian has announced that it will be dropping all of its long-haul flights from Sweden and Denmark from March 2020. Due to the demand in changes for the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines on the Boeing 787 Dreamliners, the airline has faced issues with this and needs to change its locations.
  • Bamboo Airways to Launch Boeing 787 Flights to Melbourne.
    Vietnam startup airlines Bamboo Airways is set to launch flights to Melbourne from Hanoi, Vietnam using a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
  • Air Astana, Almaty to Paris with Airbus A321LR.
    Air Astana is set to fly from Almaty to Paris using an Airbus A321LR. The airline used to run a route from Nur-Sultan, but Almaty is the capital city, so will offer more demand to the route. 
  • TUI Fly to Offer Long-Haul Flights.
    TUI Fly, a German airline has announced plans to offer long-haul destination such as the Caribbean and Mexico. 
  • American Airlines Launching 20 Routes for 2020.
    American Airlines has announced the new routes for 2020, including:
    Philadelphia - Traverse City & Washington - Traverse City. Using Embraer 175.
    Dallas - Portland. Using Airbus A319.
    Miami - Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers & Miami - Des Moines.
    Miami - Montego Bay, St. Vincent & Bonaire.

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