The Longest Game Of Monopoly Ever Released
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brand new monopoly game released

It's that time of the year when families spend time with each other and have lots of fun. A traditional well-known game is 'Monopoly' which is one of the best selling games.  The 'longest-ever' monopoly has finally been released for the Christmas season, allowing families to purchase in time for Christmas for a potential family game. 

The Advert Reads:

"Think the original Monopoly game takes forever to play? It's got nothing over this edition of the Monopoly game! Longest...Monopoly Game...ever."

"Even bankruptcy won't get a player out of this Monopoly game! This game doesn't end until someone owns every single property."


The Monopoly board consists of a whopping 63 properties to own in order to win! People are shocked to the brand new edition of Monopoly. Is it even possible to win? It's nearly Christmas and a great idea for a fun family game night to get your competitive hats on and start playing. 

do you think you could win? let us know in the comments below!

1 week ago
I don't have the patience
1 week ago
Yes I could win.