'Loose screws' cause train door to open at 80mph
2 weeks ago 30 Will

Train door open for 16 miles?!

Recently, a train door was open on a moving train doing 80mph for around 23 minutes! People did notice the door was open but failed to report it to the driver, until somebody did. The train travelled about 16 miles before the driver was alerted.


It was reported that the same train company has since found the same issue of loose screws on another 60+ carriages! They also say that they have implemented extra safety checks.

The carriages had recently been refurbished, and the screws holding the doors in place hadn't been tightened! All of the trains were temporarily taken out of service to ensure all the screws were tightened.

Luckily, there is a device on the doors telling the driver if there are any loose screws, however, the driver would have to manually inspect these as it does not come up on a screen in the cab, but again, the visual marker was missing!

A spokesperson for the company apologised to all passengers stating "safety is extremely important."

what would you do if you saw the door was open? let us know below!