Manchester knifeman serves life term in high-security psychiatric hospital.
2 months ago 31 Fuze


A grown man who proposed a knife attack towards police and the general public at Manchester Victoria train station has been issued with a lifetime sentence and will be detained in a high security psychiatric hospital. Mahdi Mohamud admitted to murder following the incident on New Year's Eve 2018 and he will serve the minimum of 11 years detained.


Mohamud expressed his words "Allah Akbar" and "long live the caliphate" as he stabbed and slashed the married couple who were founded to be in their late 50's which shocked viewers. The elderly man suffered 13 injuries including a fractured skull, after being stabbed in the back, shoulders and head with a sharp bladed fillet knife. After putting the elderly man in a life threatening situation, he then turned to his wife who suffered a slash to her forehead and had her right lung punctured. 


Police managed to restrain Mohumad after the attack.

Police used their authority to restrain Mohumad by using pepper spray and he was shot with a taser, just to restrain him. He was also found holding another kitchen knife in his waist band which was seized at the attack.

Mohumad's father sent a letter to the court exclaiming that the family and he was "shocked by knowing what Mahdi had done" and they also said "I believe that if it wasn't for Mahid's mental health illness, he would not have done these awful acts".

this reminds us all to always be safe on the streets. hope this helped your understanding of the situation.