Sex Education is coming back for a second season!
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The second series of Sex Education!

Netflix has announced that the second series of the British Comedy, 'Sex Education', will premiere on January 17th, 2020!

The Netflix Twitter account for the UK and Ireland tweeted this: "Get in losers, the new term is starting. Sex Education s2 streaming 17 January 2020."



Fans were obviously excited about this, and they surely cannot wait for the new series to be premiered! In the second season, 'Otis Milburn', played by Asa Butterfield, must perfect his sexual urges, which he had newly discovered with his girlfriend, Ola, who is played by Patricia Allison. Otis also is left to deal with his extremely strained relationship with character Maeve, who is played by Emma Mackey.

At the same time, Moordale Secondary is hit with a Chlamydia outbreak, and Otis Milburn is finally coming to terms with his mother's new relationship. Gillian Anderson plays Otis Millburn's mom, Jean. Jean also has a lover, Jakob, who is played by Mikael Persbrandt.

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2 months ago