Rapman breaks silence on the Blue Story ban
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Rapman breaks silence on the Blue Story ban

Rapman has only just released a movie called Blue Story  but the problem is, it's already

causing trouble.

In Birmingham, a fight broke out at a Vue Cinema involving 100 youths.

These youths were carrying machetes and knives attacking innocent people having fun at a cinema.

It's been known that several police officers were badly injured in the incident.

Hearing about this situation, Rapman has reached out and got all of Vue Cinemas to ban his movie.

Rapman has also sent out his prayers to the victims.


The youngest youth involved was a 13-year-old girl.

There are approximately 91 Vue Cinemas worldwide that have banned the movie.

5 youths have been arrested at the moment.

Rapman has reached out saying the movie isn't about violence it's about love.

Reports have been made that it's pointing out racial claims as well.

A member of the public has come forward saying;

"Vue Cinemas have made the right decision to ban the movie but at the same time it's complete racism."

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