Criminals steal 'priceless' diamonds in German museum robbery
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1 Billion euros worth of jewels stolen?

A group of criminals have stolen 'priceless' diamonds from the Dresden Green Vault in Germany.

Currently, it is unknown how much was stolen, but we know it was at least 3 sets, all containing at least 37 parts, which could be broken up and sold as 37 individual items for much more money.

The sets reportedly contain diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and more. 


The jewels are reportedly 'priceless' and a price can't be put on them, but they have been estimated to be worth £855 million, or around 1 billion Euros.

Only 2 people can be seen on the CCTV, however, it is expected that more were involved in the robbery.

At around 5 am this morning (Monday) a phone call was placed to the local fire department, notifying them of a fire in a nearby electricity box, which could have been set on fire to disable the alarm system. The police also found a car on fire, which they suspect to be the getaway car, set on fire by the robbers.

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Well, They we're very clever about it.