Tesla Pickup FAIL!
2 months ago 69 TheGoodin

Telsa CyberTruck Fail

Today Tesla has announced a new PickUp Truck for retail. Elon has been tried to make a pickup since the early times of 2012. The "CyberTruck" will go from 0 to 60 in record 2.9 seconds. She is a fast pickup truck. It has a modern and super cool looking appearance. Compared to other trucks like this the Cybertruck will come in around 39,900$ for a 250-mile truck. You can also get the Tri-Motor variant that will cost you right around 70,000$. Tesla hopes for this great marketing promotion and a great place to expand their market.

Elon Musk had a crazy idea here. He is trying to get his dream done with his Tesla company, people say that Tesla's market type might end up hurting the company. These trucks steal outside design makes it super modern and the car kind of looks like it is from a Halo game that never came out. 

Many thought that was the end of the article, but nothing is that simple when it comes to Tesla. Elon Musk claims that this truck has "Bulletproof Windows" which he decides it will be a smart idea to show that at it's revealing. When he throws a rock into the window it cracked. Which was an ultimate design fail after his smashing a window he tries, again and again, it failed it crashes right there.


What are your opinions on this truck?

2 months ago
I ahte the look of it. looks like a bug hunk of metal and the font sucks