No More Reviews
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Apple has removed reviews from their website!

Today it has been confirmed that Apple has hidden all reviews on Apple does this to hide their negative reviews on some of their overpriced and just overall bad items. It has been confirmed in the US, UK, and Australian that there is no more review so people aren't able to check reviews before purchasing an item.


This will now make it so you can't see the over 700 1 star reviews on one of Apple's most hated items. This will also hide feedback from people about the Shipping Times and Apple promises. Apple is trying to shift into this direction following all of its negative comments it has been getting recently from their new phones, which are just a refresh from their old ones with a lower price on them. This change has been in effect since November 17, 2019.

Apple has not released or replied about this new change to there system!

What Do you think about Apple Removing Reviews?

3 weeks ago
Apple! Who else?