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Week 8 of Strictly Come Dancing took place on Saturday, but this week the show took a very huge twist! As a reward of the remaining celebrities achieving the halfway point in the competition, they danced in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom! Probably one of the most famous ballrooms in the country, the dance floor has a bouncy floor (springs underneath) for the dancers to look light on their feet whilst dancing. However, like every week 1 celebrity had to go home after dancing against another in the dance-off.

Anyway, before we look at the negatives, let's look at some positives! Here's the leaderboard for this week...


Looking at this, we can see a high standard of dance as all couples have officially joined the '30's club'. At the top, we see Kelvin & Oti who jived their way to the top of the leaderboard to the Jail House Rock. Joining them at the top are Karim & Amy who danced a hyperactive Charleston, however many viewers thought they were robbed of the top 40 marks as Craig (who gave them a 9) said he found it really hard to find any flaws or faults in their routine and called it perfect... 

Michelle & Giovanni are at the bottom of the leaderboard this week after dancing a Couples Choice: Street Commercial routine to Vogue by Madonna... Whilst this dance was personal to Michelle, there were only minimalist arm movements and barely any footwork which the judges expected to see in this stage of the competition. This landed them in 7th position and unfortunately also landed them a place in the dance-off... 

Saffron & AJ were halfway down the leader board this way, as they gracefully stepped (or ran!) across the dance floor with their quickstep. Whilst I thought it was the best dance of the night, and my highlight, the judges spotted 2 minor errors in their routine and this caused them to lose marks on the routine and dance. Unfortunately, Saffron and AJ ended up in the dance-off which was another shock to the series! After dancing better than the first round, the judges decided that she would stay in the competition but Michelle & Giovanni sadly had to leave the competition at this stage. We hope Michelle keeps dancing as she had a pure talent for it!


The semi-finals of Ru Pauls Drag Race UK and 4 queens remain in the competition. This week, for the mini-challenge they had to 'Drag' puppets up as other queens and then perform a comedy sketch using the puppets (ventriloquism). Divina De Campo won the mini-challenge with an On Point accent from Essex, imitating Cheryl Hole. After the Mini Challenge, they had to drag their own family members up to create 'Drag Families'. 

On the runway, The Vivienne and Divina pulled off stunning family resemblance makeover looks. The panel was joined by guest judge Michaela Coel, the actress, and writer of Chewing Gum. Divina, joined by her pregnant sister Delisha de Campo (aka Carys), won her third RuPeter badge!

Sadly, Baga Chipz & Cheryl Hole then had to Lip Sync for their Lives to 'Tears Dry on their Own' by Amy Winehouse - and after performing, Ru decided to eliminate Cheryl Hole right before the final! Most viewers saw this coming as she was the only semi-finalist to not have a RuPeter badge, therefore not winning any of the maxi-challenges throughout the competition. 


The final will take place on Thursday, 21st November, and will see one of three queens crowned the champion of Ru Pauls Drag Race UK. Whilst this series is nearly over, the casting was opened for a short week period for season 2 of the series - which is great to hear as everyone loves Ru Paul!

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