Google Stadia has launched - What This Means for the Gaming Industry
2 weeks ago 26 ohnoitalex

Google Stadia has Launched - What This Means for the Gaming Industry

Google Stadia, the highly anticipated cloud game streaming platform has launched to its preorder customers.

Google Stadia is a platform that promises to stream up to 4k, 60fps, low latency video games straight to your Chrome browser, all from the cloud. The servers run on Linux machines running Vulkan - a gaming API.

Stadia launched with 22 games, all available to purchase and play right away for preorders. Destiny 2 was bundled with Stadia for those members as well, allowing them to log on and immediately begin playing.


The service had a bumpy launch, with lag and latency issues. The service also doesn't work over LTE connections (Long Term Evolution) yet and is still essentially a beta. Stadia only works currently on Chromecast Ultras that Google is shipping with their preorders, which are already staggered. It only works on Pixel devices at the moment. The controller only works through WiFi when playing on a Chromecast, it lacks many features Google promised, as well as quality issues.

Trying to play in 4k doesn't look like 4k. The quality dips a lot and the video trails behind what is actually happening in-game sometimes. It's still impressive as a proof of concept, but not a service I would consider paying money for in its current state. Fingers crossed Google have these issues ironed out before full launch next year. As for right now, the future of Stadia doesn't look very bright compared to competitors such as Geforce now which already gives you more options for games to play. You can even play games you already own on Steam.

As of right now, Google Stadia is essentially a $120 beta. I wouldn't consider purchasing and trying out this service at its current state unless you have extreme faith in what Google is doing behind the scenes.

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