Sky Broadband's Huge Outage
3 weeks ago 30 Gody

How did this happen?

One of the United Kingdoms' biggest internet service providers went down on Monday 18th November, this began from 6 am along with causing complications all over the nation. Consumers of Sky complained when the ordeal took place, people were questioning; "Why can't I log in?", "Why has it taken me over 30 minutes to log into my E-Mail?". An infographic has been provided to show all the major breakdowns of all impacted areas most affected by the outage of Sky Broadband.


The areas indicated in red show the most affected areas from the outage, as the colour lightens towards orange and yellow, the outage subsides and isn't as bad.

Many clients of Sky Broadband added sarcastic comments towards Sky, some clients mocked Sky for their price they're paying monthly and then having to deal with these issues. Around 12:30 pm, Sky Broadbands' issues subsided fully and apologized for all inconveniences caused by the company's outage.

Are you with sky? What's your opinion on this?