Grass packaging could cut plastic pollution
3 weeks ago 24 Trop

plastic packaging could be cut dramatically!

In every supermarket you go to, except organic ones, you will find them littered with plastic packaging where it is not needed. A great example would be bananas. Bananas have natural protective skin and therefore do not need packaging, but we wrap it up anyway. This is partly due to food safety laws and partly for aesthetics. Supermarkets have been trying to cut down recently by using things such as Paper Bags and not wrapping fruits and veg in plastic, but is this really enough?

Plastic wrapped tomatoes

Some would call this a revolutionary product. It is a packaging just like paper packaging you may find apples, oranges and eggs in, except it is made from wheat straw and grass! These are both totally organic products and something which we mostly brush over each day. Due to the cost and availability of these products, many have stated this could help the lives of farmers and people in that field of work.

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People have also said this could help the poverty crisis going on in many countries. It could provide a higher income for people in lower-class countries. Another benefit of it is that the packaging is completely recyclable and compostable. Again, this means it is easy to reuse it and recycle it, and won't contribute towards ocean pollution (as we know of currently), but we also thought that about the plastic bag. I guess we will have to wait and find out.

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