Labour pledges FREE Broadband!
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Labour promises free fibre broadband!

Labour is a Centre-Left Wing party, which traditionally means their ideologies represent everyone but mainly the Working Class instead of the Upper Class. Keir Hardie founded the party in 1906 and it has thrived since. Labour has recently been in the publics eyes due to their promises they have made if they win the General Election on December 12th 2019. Since 12th September 2015, Labour has been led by Jeremy Corbyn, who has had his fair share of problems, to say the least.


Recently, as aforementioned, Labour has made many pledges towards the people. One which stood out for me personally was their idea to give everyone in the UK Access to "Free Fibre Broadband". Their idea focuses on introducing a tax for Tech giants to help pay for this, call it doing their part. They plan to take a segment of BT and their Openreach programme which most major providers use (such as Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone, etc). This plan would ensure that broadband reaches the whole of the UK.

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It has received a mixed response from the public. Some have said this is wasting valuable money, as some predict that it will no longer be needed by 2030 due to the implementation of new services such as 5G which run much faster than the current methods (Copper Wire to Copper Wire, Fibre to Copper or Fibre to Fibre). Others have said this is a great step forward to upgrading the UK into the modern era.

What are your opinions on the plan? comment below!

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"Centre-Left Wing party" LOL