McDonald's 2019 Christmas advert released
4 weeks ago 34 Ffion

 McDonald's has joined in on the Christmas advertisement fun!

After John Lewis released their annual Christmas advert, McDonald's has joined the competition for 'best festive advert 2019.'

The advert made its TV debut on 'I'm a Celebrity' on ITV.

So, what's the advertisement about?

The advertisement follows a young girl called Ellie and a captivating reindeer, Archie.

Our little reindeer friend is actually revealed to be Ellie's dog, where at McDonald's they gave out free 'Reindeer Treats.'

And for any dog owners, these treats will be given out for free exclusively on Christmas Eve!


What other festive things are McDonald's offering?

McDonald's are offering the 'Millionaire's Donut' as well as a 'Millionaire's Latte' this year. They also have a mixed blueberry muffin and chocolate brownies for sale. Sounds delicious!

Due to popular demand, the company is extending their breakfast hours in England for another hour until 11 am, giving customers more time to lie-in and still get their much-desired hash browns.

So, what do you think of the advert? Let us know down below!