New vaccine for Ebola released to prevent future outbreaks
2 months ago 57 Lauren


Ebola is a deadly virus that first caught mainstream media's attention when there was an outbreak in

        2014, the reason this caught attention was because this was not well known in West Africa at the time.

Ebola causes fever, body aches, diarrhoea and sometimes bleeding inside and outside the body. When 

         the virus starts spreading this affects the immune system and organs which become damaged. Because               of this, levels of blood clotting cells drop and this leads to uncontrollable bleeding.



The new vaccine is set to prevent further outbreaks such as the one in 2014 that became the deadliest

occurrence of the disease since the virus's discovery in 1976.  The vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson

requires two separate injections eight weeks apart, this will be administered to 50,000 people in Goma.

There is another one that is manufactured by Merck that requires only one shot. The Merck vaccine that is

approved by the World health organisation has already been administered to more than 250,000 people

since the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo which began in August 2018.

The death toll so far  since the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is 2,192 deaths and

3292 cases in total from August 2018 to November 15th 2019.  

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