San Diego Shooting: Man Kills Estranged Wife and 3 Sons!
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San Diego shooting!

In San Diego, the border town between Mexico and the state of California, a man shot his wife, his three children and himself after the bloody crime.


"Less than 24 hours after a woman got a restraining order against her estranged husband, he came to her home in San Diego on Saturday and fatally shot her and three of their children before turning the gun on himself", the police said in an interview.

The Four Children

The four children, that are aged 3, 5, 9 and 11, had all gunshot wounds. The parents and the 3-year-old were pronounced dead on the scene, and two of the other ones died in the hospital. 

One of the 4 children was in surgery on Saturday afternoon. He is in a very critical condition.

The Call

After the 911 call came, the police rushed into the neighborhood of Paradise Hills. It was 7 am, the person who called didn't speak, but the dispatcher in service heard some people arguing in the background. After the first response came to the neighborhood, a relative of the family told the officers that they heard gunshots.  

Arrival and Access 

From outside, the officers saw a child that was covered in blood. In shock, they smashed the window and crawled inside. Some of the officers on the scene became parents themselves.

"As a husband and a father, this incident is very difficult to even think about", he mentioned. 

The address of the house wasn't a newcomer to the police: The emergency services were often called to that location due to an argument between two adults. The cause was that the man wanted some tools the woman had. The responding officer then showed the woman how to get a restraining order.

Address and Speech

The family was found on the 2100 block on Flintridge Drive, Paradise Hills, a few blocks away from an elementary school. 

Monica Montgomery, one of San Diego's councilwoman that is the representative of Paradise Hills called that crime an “unfathomable tragedy”.

“As this story makes national headlines, we all grapple with the horror of the loss of these precious lives”, Ms. Montgomery stated.

We all pray for the family. 

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