New MacBook Pros!
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New 16 inch MacBook Pro


What's New?

The first major difference with the new MacBook Pro is the new size. Now at 16 inches instead of 15, while remaining around the same size, provides a bigger screen as well as room for a few new upgraded internals. The MacBook grows in thickness slightly, accommodating room for a bigger battery, 6 speaker setup as well as a 'new Magic KeyBoard'. Say goodbye to the butterfly keyboard as the new MacBook returns to the trusty scissor switch. The Touch Bar remains, however the return of a physical escape key and the separated power button is present. The 6 speaker system delivers surround sound with a deeper base, and the new 3 microphone setup promises to deliver studio quality and that's supposedly better than some 3rd party microphones. The battery has been upgraded to a 100 watt battery bringing 11 hours battery life on a single charge. The T2 security chip remains, as well as 4 thunderbolts, 3 ports providing power, video out, as well connecting to external storage devices, and the headphone jack still lives on.


The base model 16 inch Macbook Pro has a 9th Gen 2.6Ghz intel core i7 boosting up to 4.5Ghz, 16Gb DDR4 memory, AMD Radeon Pro 5300M graphics, and a 512GB SSD, Costing $2399 USD. 

The MacBook Pro can be specced up a lot so lets get into that. The CPU can go up to a 2.4Ghz intel core i9 boosting up 5Ghz. Hopefully, this won't thermal throttle as quick due to a redesigned cooler, and should make a greater performance difference than the i7, but time will tell. The RAM can go up to 64GB, as well as graphics can go to 8GB. The crazy spec that can be chosen is a 8TB SSD - The most in any notebook.  A fully specced out MacBook Pro will end up costing $6099 USD. 


My thoughts 

As a user of the 13 inch MacBook Pro I'm thankful that apple have moved away from their butterfly switch keyboard. Personally, I've had several issues and trips to the apple store including a replacement keyboard, so I welcome this change. I think there is a possibility for a 14 inch MacBook Pro in the future as the design would translate down, and the added features make the lineup a bit segmented now, so it would make sense. Jonathan Morrison had a sit down with Phil Schiller (Apple Vice President of Marketing) discussing this possibility which can be found here, with the full length interview found here

What are your thoughts on the new MacBook Pro?