Marcella Season 2: A Complete Review
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Marcella Series 2

Name: Marcella

Number of Episodes: 8

Review Type: ★★★★

Warning: May Contain Spoilers

Triggers Warnings:

- Kidnapping

- Murder

Marcella is a gritty crime TV show about a detective in the Central London Police Force. We are shown all sides of her life and her as a person. We not only see her life in solving crimes, but we also see how she goes through the struggle of balancing her personal life with her work, which she occasionally seems to put over her family. The TV Show is rated 15 (UK) due to the occasional thriller, jump-scare and gruesome scene.

During Season 2, we are introduced to a ring of kidnappings of Children. For most of the season, we explore lots of different pathways to do with the murders. Some areas of the season leave it open to audience interpretation. Marcella is seen as one of the best DS (Detective Sargents) that the police force has to offer. Her range of skills in solving these complicated murders impresses people of the highest ranks, but some of her methods are sceptical.

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For episodes 1-4, we are establishing the plot. We learn about the key suspects, the key people and the key plots. All of these open up their own individual pathways and loose ends. Admittedly, the season ends with some loose ends not being tied, leaving us to wonder, what really happened?

Here's a little bit about Marcella. She is a single mum with 2 kids. She was cheated on for 3 years by her husband, Jason, who plays a key role in some of the events of the series. She is seen to have some Mental Health problems such as psychotic breaks. These breaks only ever seem to occur when she is in a problem involving family or is in a situation of increased distress. We see her receiving hypnotic treatment to attempt to regain some control of the random events. After a Psychotic Break, she can't remember what happens, which once again, does leave some plot holes.

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Marcella Season 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Netflix UK. I would strongly recommend this if you like crime dramas such as Line of Duty, Luther, Happy Valley, etc. I give this a 4/5 star rating. The extra star could be gained just by closing some plot holes, but of course, this could and probably will be rectified in later seasons.

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