Bolton University nightmare - Residential block bursts into flames
2 months ago 37 Samuel

Bolton university students evacuated as a fire sweeps through the halls of residence

The terror began at approximately 8:30 PM yesterday (15/11/19). Witnesses looked onwards in shock as a fire crawled up the building's cladding. Some people claimed the fire alarm didn't go off.

Two people required treating by paramedics on the scene, whilst 200 firefighters worked to tackle the flame that had flooded all six floors of the cube halls of residence.


The blaze was reported by the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service as "under control" this morning (16/11/19) but firefighters are still working to extinguish the blaze.

The students were evacuated and sent to nearby halls and were instructed to "alert their loved ones that they were safe". 

Here are the statistics (at time of writing):

-25 engines rushed to the scene

-200 firefighters worked to extinguish the fire

-The fire began at approximately 2030 hours on the 15/11/19

-All six floors contained flames

-Two people were being treated on the scene by paramedics

-No others were injured

-There have currently been no reported deaths

People reported that no fire alarms went enough, and the only way they knew to get out was people running down corridors banging on doors shouting.

A nearby curry house owner estimated that 50 to 100 people left the building

It is thought that, like the tragic Grenfell Tower accident, the cladding is to blame for this fire's quick upburst. 


A university spokesperson has said that they have provided students with temporary accommodation. 

The fire service will stay until the flame is fully extinguished.

What do you think may have caused this fire? do you agree that the cladding may be partly to blame?