Aviation Analytics - Week Four
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Aviation Analytics is a Weekly Article Series that covers hot topics within the aviation industry from the week.

Check it out for the newest planes, route, liveries, failed airlines and more!


  • Australian Airline Qantas have started their centenary celebrations in Sydney.
    The airline has it's 99th birthday on Saturday 16th November, but they're already looking a year into the future for their 100th birthday. - After the historic non-stop flight from London to Sydney landed, the aircraft met with 1,000 employees to commemorate the achievement. Three events will be taking place to mark the centenary including a touring exhibition in early 2020 which will showcase the story of the airline, as well as revealing future plans. - In February 2020, the Australian Royal Mint will be releasing five million $1 coins to the public, as well as a collection of 11 commemorative coins for their 100th year.
  • Silver Airways, a Floridian airline has announced that it will be teaming up with Delta Air Lines in a new codeshare agreement, which will create a seamless passage of travel between the two carriers' networks. 
    Silver Airways operates over 150 flights a week to many destinations in the Caribbean, and the codeshare will offer Delta passengers destinations including San Juan, Anguilla, Dominica, Tortola, Nevis, St. Kitts, St. Thomas, St. Croix & St. Maarten. 
  • Qantas is set to place a massive order of narrow-bodied aircraft. 
    Qantas currently operates 75 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, as well as Boeing 717's and other regional aircraft. 
    Check this video to see the options that Qantas has to decide on:- What Aircraft Will Qantas Order Next?
  • Hawaiian Airlines is to celebrate it's 90th birthday this week.
    They have started some charity events and even a commemorative flight that replicates the airlines' first flight from Honolulu to Hilo via Maui.
    In the airlines' first year of operations, it flew over 10,000 passengers, and now in 2019, Hawaiian Airlines flies over three times that amount, each day!
    The first flight took about three hours via Maui and was operated using Sikorsky S-38's, the commemorative flight will be flown by a Boeing 717.
  • Flybe has just released its Summer 2020 schedule.
    The schedule will see more operations and flights from London Southend Airport. The airport will be gaining six brand new routes to Belfast City, Edinburgh and Glasgow operating 18 times per week, Newcastle 13 times per week, Isle of Man 7 times per week, and Jersey 2 times per week. The new routes will be operated by Flybe's DHC Q400 turboprops, and Flybe will now be operating 214 flights a week from London Southend.
  • Royal Air Maroc and American Airlines to go into a Codeshare Agreement.
    The two airlines have recently submitted their application to the US Department of Transportation, which could see American Airlines customers flying to Casablanca in Morocco from Philidelphia, however, this is not fully confirmed.
  • Juneyao Airlines is looking to have a base at Beijing's Daxing Airport.
    This could give the airline more ground to order additional Boeing 787-9 aircraft for their fleet. 
    The airline which is based in Shanghai currently has bases in Pudong and Hongqiao and operates Airbus A320-200s and Airbus A321-200s on domestic and international routes. - The airline has five Boeing 787-9s, which they hope to fly long-haul to the United Kingdom, Greece, Egypt, and Australia. 
    Juneyao Airlines is looking to switch it's Beijing operations from Beijing's Capital Airport to Daxing Airport, which many other airlines are also doing. 
  • South African Airways has been considering to lay-off 20% of staff.
    They have considered this in an attempt to restructure the airline and to reduce the number of losses the airline is making. With nearly 5,150 current employees, this could see 944 employees losing their jobs. South African Airways' acting Chief Zuks Ramasia said:
    "We urgently need to address the on-going loss-making position that has subsisted over the past years.
    Our balance sheet has historically been weak and remains so despite recent substantial capital injections from the government. Our continued losses and reliance on government guarantees to borrow money from lenders have increased the interest costs, which impacts the operating cost of the business."
    The airline will remain in consultations on how restructuring could work until January 2020, and South African Airways claims that it is trying to reduce the effect it will have on the workforce.
  • Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic have been given the go-ahead for partnership.
    This will give both airlines a boost to their current codeshare agreement regarding flights between Australia and the UK through their hubs in Hong Kong and Los Angeles.
    The two airlines can work closely with each other, jointly managing pricing, inventory, scheduling, and marketing. Virgin Atlantic used to operate flights from Hong Kong to Sydney, but this was stopped in 2014, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission doesn't believe there will be any route overlap between the airlines. 
    "The arrangements which have been authorized will not lessen competition on any route, and are likely to provide public benefits, including through improved scheduling and enhanced loyalty program benefits."


  • Prague Airport is set to spend $1 billion on a huge expansion.
    Prague's Vaclav Havel Airport is currently operating at full capacity, predicted to have 17.7 million passengers pass through in 2019 alone. 
    The $1 billion will be spread across the next 30 years, which will be split accordingly into short, medium and long term projects. Construction for a new runway has been pushed back to 2025, which will cost around $400 million, with this, loads of upgrades to Terminal 2 will be applied. 


  • China Eastern Airbus A330 Suffers Depressurisation at 33,000ft.
    The aircraft, which was flying from Shenzhen to Shanghai was forced to abandon the flight following a depressurisation of the cabin at 33,000 feet. - The aircraft diverted to Nanchang and made an emergency descent to 12,000feet to restore pressure within the cabin. No injuries to pilots, cabin crew or passengers have been reported.
  • Air Canada Flight Diverts to the US with Marijuana Onboard.
    An Air Canada domestic flight between Toronto and Vancouver was diverted to Seattle in the US due to dense fog in British Colombia which caused the crew to attempt two landings in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner but eventually diverted to Seattle, which was free of any fog. - Many passengers on board the plane were carrying marijuana with them, which is allowed on domestic flights within Canada, but due to the diversion, the passengers could receive severe consequences in the US. Marijuana is still illegal in Washington state and serves heavy penalties.


  • United Airlines Repaints Widebody Aircraft in New Livery.
    A United Airlines Boeing 767-300ER has been repainted in the new livery. On Thursday, it flew to Brazil and Washington DC. 
    The airline unveiled the livery on a smaller Boeing 737 narrowbody aircraft several months ago, but this is the first look of it on a widebody aircraft.


  • Airbus's A320 Has More Total Orders Than Boeing 737.
    Airbus has confirmed that the Airbus A320 family has received more total orders than the Boeing 737 family. 
    The total of 15,193 orders of the A320 family has been increased due to the issues surrounding the Boeing 737 MAX, with the Boeing 737 family receiving a total of 15,136 orders.
    Recent orders from IndiGo for 300 Airbus aircraft have boosted this too. 
  • Airbus to Bring Complete Product Line to Dubai Airshow.
    The Dubai Airshow starts on Saturday, and manufacturer Airbus has announced that it will be bringing its full product line to the show. Many of the aircraft will be some from Airbus themselves, but others will be from Airbus customers.
    EgyptAir will be bringing their A220, Salam Air will be bringing the A320neo, Airbus will be bringing their own A330neo, A330-900, and A350-900. There will be two A380s on display, brought by Emirates and Etihad Airways. 
  • Boeing to Focus on Safety at Dubai Airshow.
    Due to an unfortunate year for Boeing, they will not be able to bring a new product to the Dubai Airshow this Saturday. They will instead be focusing on safety, innovation, and partnerships.
    Boeings 777 and Boeing 787 will be on display at the show, with the Boeing 777 from Emirates. 
    Boeing is expected to be showing off its Boeing 777X at the 2020 Farnborough Air Show.


  • Airbus Looks Set to Win Huge Air Arabia Order in Dubai.
    Air Arabia is rumored to be ready to place a large order of over 100 aircraft at the Dubai Airshow this weekend. Although not confirmed, sources related to the airline have reported that they expect Airbus will claim the order.
    Last month, Air Arabia and Etihad signed an agreement to establish a new low-cost carrier for the United Arab Emirates, which the large order from Air Arabia could help the new carrier.
  • KLM Confirms Embraer E195-E2 Order of $2.5 Billion.
    KLM has an order of 21 firms and 14 purchase rights for the Embraer E195-E2 jets. This deal is worth $2.5 billion, and the order was placed at the Paris Air Show. KLM is currently the largest operator of the E-jets in Europe and the CEO of KLM Pieter Elbers stated:
    "Embraer has been a key partner for KLM and Cityhopper over the past ten years. Our customers appreciate the E190 and E175's. The E2 would be a welcome addition to the KLM fleet, giving us greater capacity flexibility and help to manage down costs. In addition, the environmentally friendly E195-E2 also supports our sustainability goals with lower levels of noise and emissions."


  • Fiji Airways Takes Delivery of Airbus A350.
    Fiji Airways has taken delivery of its first Airbus A350-900 today in Toulouse. Set to be used on routes between Fiji, Australia, and Los Angeles, the aircraft is exceptionally stunning in every way possible.
  • Garuda Indonesia's New Airbus A330neo.
    In 2016, Garuda Indonesia confirmed an order of 14 Airbus A330-900neos, where one of them has just emerged from the Airbus factory in Toulouse. 

Research & Development:

  • Qantas Completed Historic Non-Stop London to Sydney Flight.
    A Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner touched down in Sydney after the second Project Sunrise research flight from London Heathrow. The airline used to fly nonstop between London and Sydney in 1989 when the Boeing 747-400 was brought to Australia. - The flight took over 19 hours to complete and has a distance of over 17,000km.


  • SAS's First Airbus A321LR will debut to Boston in September.
    SAS will soon be receiving its first Airbus A321LR, which the airline will be flying on a route between Copenhagen and Boston. The aircraft is expected to be delivered on the 18th of September 2020, and the airline has stated that tickets for this route will be available to purchase from the 20th of November 2019.
  • Qantas cuts Sydney to Beijing Flights.
    Qantas currently operates flights between Sydney and Beijing using their Airbus A330-200 five days a week, but the airline has announced that this service will be ceased in March 2020. Increased competition is what the airline claims to be affecting this route, the route also has a low business demand. Chinese carriers such as Air China and China Eastern fly this route and have boosted capacity by 20% since the reintroduction of the Qantas service in 2017.
  • Norwegian cuts Madrid to New York Route.
    Norwegian currently operates Madrid to New York four times a week, but the airline has stopped selling seats for these routes from March 29th, 2020. The route has a high supply, being operated by Finnair, Air France, British Airways and Iberia, who offer cheap tickets under $400.
    The airline will instead be focusing on launching 16 new routes across Europe for spring and summer 2020.
  • Turkish Airlines' next Destination: Newark.
    Turkish Airlines will be launching a new route from Istanbul to Newark. The flight will operate daily, departing Istanbul at 18:35, arriving in Newark at 22:30. The return flight will depart Newark at 00:25, arriving in Istanbul at 17:10. An Airbus A330 will be used on this new route, commencing in Summer 2020.
  • Iberia & Austrian Airlines have been looking to expand their destinations to the United States.
    Iberia will be launching a route from Madrid to Washington, and Austrian Airlines will be launching its route from Vienna to Boston. 
    Iberia's Madrid to Washington flights will start on 1st May 2020, which will be operated by the Airbus A330-300 four times a week. - Madrid departures will be at 15:50 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, while the Washington departures will be at 20:30 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. - These flights may be increased in frequency in July 2020. 
    Austrian Airlines' Vienna to Boston flights will be operated by the Boeing 767 four times a week, jumping up to six times a week departing Vienna at 13:25 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, while departing Boston at 18:15 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Well, I hope you guys found this edition interesting!

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