Billie Eilish fans can earn free tickets to her tour by fighting climate change
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How is this possible?

Popular American singer/songwriter Billie Eilish, who has been known for her successful songs and debut single 'Ocean Eyes' has launched a global campaign where fans can earn free tickets to her upcoming tour 'Where Do We Go'. This will incorporate four shows during July 2020 at the O2 Arena. Shortly after this announcement Eilish presented details on how a person like yourself could be as eco-friendly as possible, along with making herself as eco-friendly as can be. During this time Billie will be learning others about climate change and the true impact on how this will make a difference.


Billie also joined with Global Citizen, this a community of people who want to take action on some of the world's biggest problems and challenges. This is to allow fans to win free tickets to her tour through the rewards the organization offers. After announcing this Eilish said, "I teamed up with a great organization called Global Citizen to help come up with a way to earn tickets to the 'Where Do We Go' tour." 

Apart from all of this that you too can join in by fighting issues such as plastic pollution, global warming, and climate change. Everyone can partake in this so why not come along and help the environment. 

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1 month ago