London to Brighton Veteran Car Run 2019
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London to Brighton 2019

This year marked the 123rd year of the Veteran Car Run which involves cars built before 1905 taking the roads and showing that these old cars are still just as good as before.

The route covers 60 miles, starting in London's Hyde Park where the start line has sat since 1936, the cars wind through the lanes of Surrey and Sussex before finishing on the Madeira Drive in Brighton, used as the finish line since 1934.

Although Officials and Marshalls arrive at Hyde Park at 05:15, Cars don't arrive until 6am, the next hour consists of lining them up by their assigned sector before the first cars leave at 06:56. Cars take anywhere from 3 hours to 7 hours to complete the run with the finish line in Brighton officially closing at 4pm.

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In Crawley High Street, the public had the opportunity to sit in a veteran car and a photo opportunity all courtesy of Gatwick Airport, Spectators can also get up close to the hundreds of cars passing at this point as it marks the halfway point. Each year, classic car clubs along the route also put on displays of old vehicles that the public are encouraged to view and take photos of.

A total of 425 cars entered this year. 23 withdrew before the day, a further 40 failed to start from the start line and 52 retired along the way, leaving just 310 to finish the run this year.

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