Fortnite: Banned for life?
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Banned for life

Youtube Star FaZe Jarvis has been banned from the game Fortnite for using hacks to cheat.

The YouTuber that was part of an eSports group called FaZe, was caught using Aim Bot while streaming a video to go onto YouTube. Aim Bot helps users' accuracy while shooting. Using this is classed as cheating.

FaZe Jarvis, who has over 2 Million Subscribers on YouTube, was banned for life after using hacks to cheat on Fornite Mode 'Battle Royale'. 

Battle Royale is a last man standing game where players fight each other with weapons. The last one remaining gets a 'Victory Royale' meaning they have won the game.

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Immediately, as a punishment, Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, placed a lifetime ban on him.

After being banned from the addictive game, FaZe Jarvis posted a tearful and very apologetic video to his fans. He stated, "It didn't even cross my mind that I could be banned for life." He also stated, "This was a huge mistake and completely wrong on my end."

Epic Games is going down hard on users trying to cheat the game.

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loooooooool fucking retarted af game anyway