BRITs 2020 Announced!
2 months ago 56 Gody

What are the Brit awards?

The BRIT Awards is an assortment of rewards for music, BRIT meaning "British Phonogenic Industry's". Robbie Williams, a singer/songwriter currently has the most awards in the BRITs. There is some information released about the 40th major show since launch coming soon.

When is this happening?

Recent news has revealed the 40th BRIT awards will be commencing in 2020, it has been said the show will be released on the 18th February 2020 to celebrate its 40th major show along with many music artists who have rewards to be earned. There will also be a lot of changes to how next year's BRITs will be formatted. Each category for each selected winner has been refreshed to encourage all music artists to step up to try and earn a place as a winner in next year's 2020 BRITs. All awards will be decided by the Official Voting Academy, this is made with a lot of professionals from music artists to media producers. The current categories we will see are listed below:

Male Solo Artist

Female Solo Artist

Best Group

Best New Artist

Rising Star

Song of the Year

Mastercard Album of the Year

International Male Solo Artist

International Female Solo Artist


Who do you think will get an award this year? Put your opinions in the comments and share them with others!