Brexit coins scrapped
1 month ago 46 CJ

Brexit coins scrapped after another extension

New 50p coins for the upcoming Brexit date (31st October 2019) produced by the Royal Mint are set to be recycled after the Governments third Brexit extension.


A spokesman reported that the coins were to be released into circulation once the United Kingdom had successfully departed from the European Union, but since we will no longer be leaving this week, they're getting scrapped.

The Royal Mint has described the process of recycling the coins as "Being sorted and shredded before being melted down". The 50p coins are composed of precious metals, including copper.

There has been a reported 9 million+ of these commemorative 50p coins being produced in time for Halloween and the Brexit leaving date, all of which have now unfortunately had to be scrapped, a terrible waste of time and money due to our government going back on their "do or die" promise for Brexit.

Boris Johnson has now accepted a further Brexit extension lasting until 31st January 2020, will it happen? Probably not. Will there be another extension? Almost definitely. Let's just hope they aren't planning on making any more coins in time for January!

How long do you think it will take to scrap them all? drop us a message below!