Incognito Google maps!
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Hide your location history on google maps?

Google maps have been renowned for being the most accurate map service ever, often used to define borders between countries.

Google is also known for logging every move and every site visited by their customers. Which concerns many of their users.

A few years ago they introduced Incognito mode to their browser, Google Chrome, which proved popular for many people to hide what they do from cookies and google.


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The incognito mode in Google maps was implemented a few days ago in an update, the mode is said to stop your location tracking and the storage of your history. 

However, this also means you will not receive notifications from google maps and your information will not be used to personalise the app. 

In my opinion, this feature is very welcomed, it allows for more privacy and the peace of mind that Google isn't selling your location data to advertisers.


^ Google's HQ, Mountain View CA

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1 month ago
imo its a useless feature tbh
1 month ago
nice :p