Pakistan: A train exploded and killed at least 73 people
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train explosion kills at least 73 people

Cooking on a moving train is not a good idea. As we can tell by this train explosion in Pakistan.

this morning some passengers on the train tried cooking breakfast using a portable gas stove.

Dozens killed in gas canister blast and fire on Pakistan train

details about the incident

According to reports, the train exploded near the town Liaquatpur this morning (Thursday), 48 passengers have been injured critically and have been transported to a hospital. And according to Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, there were no close hospitals that could treat these passengers nearby, so they are trying to get them to the hospital by a helicopter. 

"The injured have been taken to the hospital, but unfortunately there is no nearby hospital [with a burn unit] so we are trying to get them by helicopter to Multan"

 Ahmed said to Al Jazeera.

3 Coaches were affected, and they were overcrowded. each coach should only carry 70 passengers, but there was way more.  

A fire burns a train carriage after a gas canister passengers were using to cook breakfast exploded, near the town of Rahim Yar Khan in the south of Punjab province, Pakistan October 31, 2019, in this

the aftermath

Firefighters have been dispatched to the location of the incident, and the train was put off. Railway operations in Pakistan have been resumed and are operating normally at this time. 

This was the biggest train incident in Pakistan in the latest 15 years.

פקיסטן אסון תאונת רכבת 71 הרוגים נוסעים בישלו פרצה שריפה (צילום: AP)

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