Scare over roblox roleplay shooting
1 month ago 120 Colo

people tricked by a roblox police tweet

Roblox has been a Haven for Roleplay communities for years, with its easy creation tool anyone can create a good role playgroup that people can enjoy, and many do.

However, one of these went viral after some of the public got worried over a Roblox roleplay group's tweet:


^ Source, Sacramento CBS

Twitter was asked to remove the account, however, they refused as in the accounts Bio they explain that they are not associated with the real CHP account.


This whole situation has caused a question, should this be allowed. Even though they display that the account isn't real, the problem is that it caused people to be confused and scared about a shooting.  

Roblox's roleplays have been developing to become more and more realistic, and soon it might hit a point where people will not be able to tell the difference between a Roblox account and a real police report. 

The only way to tell the difference at the moment is via the verified checkmark on Twitter.

Do you think these accounts should be moderated?