Mumford & Sons Release New Single!
2 months ago 66 Ffion

British folk rock band release new single ‘Blind Leading The Blind’ 

The 4 member band, consisting of Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwayne, have been reworking the song for the last 18 months, after their previous album 'Delta' was released November 2018. They recently received John Steinbeck Award last month has possibly boosted their motivation to finish the song and from the sound of it, it's a good thing they did! So far, it has gathered an impressive 145,000 views on YouTube with increasing numbers each day.

Click here to listen to the new hit, 'Blind Leading the Blind!'

Mumford has stated that 'it feels like one of our more challenging songs, thematically, that we’ve put out there, both for ourselves and our audience.'


The band has additional plans to release more music approaching Spring 2020, though no further information on this has yet to be revealed.

Mumford's Asia Tour for their 'Delta' album is due to begin in November after the end of their North America portion of the tour, when they will go from Osaka to Hong Kong before returning to America for the end of the tour. Fans of Mumford & Sons sure are in for a treat!

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