Electric black cabs!
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New electric black cabs hit London's streets!

London has been famous for its black cabs for years, they have roamed the streets since the mid-1600s. 

The Iconic vehicle is seen as an important feature of London and Britishness as a whole. As 2020 approaches its time to replace our old technology and what better way to do that with an Electric replacement.

A used black cab costs about £2000 these days, as the manufacturer of the black cab went bankrupt, whereas these replacements cost about £49,995. The price difference is a lot, however, this can be justified by the electric replacement.

If the world continues as it is going EVs or Electric Vehicles will become the most common vehicle on the road. The main selling point of these cars is that they are more environmentally friendly, which is true to some extent. 

The cab has also received a more modern makeover from Nissan. 


The cab will compete with the hybrid version released not long ago. Both cabs aim to drag the market over to the 21st century. 

The new cab was approved by TfL for use as a black cab, despite its different look, so expect to see these roaming the streets of London soon!


^ New cab interior

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