The Hitman Saga
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Hitman hires Hitman who hires Hitman who hires Hitman who hires Hitman who Doesn't even carry the task out

Yes. You read that right..

5 hitman have now been jailed for attempted murder. Each hitman decided they wanted to make some profit from the task and hired another hitman to do the job. Although one went and ruined it, so they all got arrested.

A Chinese businessman named Tan Youhui wanted to hire a hitman to take out one of his competitors, who was called Wei Mou. Tan Youhui was willing to pay 2 million yuan, which converts to around £218,000.

The hitman who Tan Youhui originally hired chose to give it to another hitman for half the price of the original contract. This second hitman then gave it to another hitman, who then subcontracted it to the third hitman. The third gave it to the fourth, who finally, subcontracted that to the fifth hitman.


The thing about the fifth hitman though, was that he was hired for so little money that it wasn't worth the trouble of actually doing it. So, he told the victim to just fake his death. Which Wei Mou did. This meant though that the police investigated it, and found the hitman who was hired by a hitman, who hired another hitman, and so forth.

They all got taken to court, and have been sent to prison on the basis of attempted murder. All of the hitmen got different sentence lengths, but they average out to around 3 years each.

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