Four American Airlines Flight Attendants Arrested for Money Laundering
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 4 Flight Attendants Arrested for Money Laundering said to have $22,000

On Monday, October 21st, 2019 four American Airlines Flight Attendants were arrested at Miami's International Airport for charges of Money Laundering. 

Flight attendants arrested

They were found to have $22,671 USD. After one of the flight attendants said they had $100 dollars one of the Border Patrol Agents found that they had almost $9,000. Another one of the flight attendants had $7,300. The third flight attendant was found the have $7,371. The fourth was found to not have any money according to the agency.

Officials said the group was trying to conspire a plan to bring it to a "known person". American Airlines is apparently cooperating with law enforcement.

In a statement originally sent to USA TODAY by the American Airlines Spokesperson Ross Feinstein 
"We take this matter seriously and cooperating with law enforcement throughout their investigation,"

Money Laundering is a huge crime around the world this could put the flight attendants behind bars for 20 years depending on the type of Money Laundering they were charged with. 

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