B737 MAX Expected to fly by New Year's Eve?
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B737 MAX expected to fly by New Year's Eve?

The B737 MAX was grounded on March 13th, 2019 for numerous problems with the computers onboard the aircraft. The B737 MAX was grounded after two fatal crashes, including the Lion Air disaster which killed 189 people. Lion Air blamed the crashes on the systems on the aircraft, including the 'MCAS' system after a long investigation on the fatal incident and reviewing the Cockpit and System recordings. 


In the nose of the aircraft, there are sensors that detect the angle of flight throughout the whole flight, especially during takeoff and landing. If it is too high, it sends a detection to the aircraft systems to change the trim on the horizontal stabilisers to correct the changes. If it is too high, the aircraft will automatically change its pitch to correct itself and stop it from stalling. 


The issue with the MCAS was that the sensor reading was incorrect and thought that the aircraft was climbing at a high pitch when in reality it was in cruise. Therefore, it automatically made the aircraft point towards the ground causing it to fly towards the ground.

When will they fly again?

The B737 MAX was officially grounded after the Ethiopian Airlines crash, killing 157 innocent people taking the overall death toll up to 346 people including crew.

Boeing stated that they are working with regulators to return the jet into service. "Our top priority remains in the safe return to service of our 737 MAX, and we're making steady progress," Dennis Muilenburg exclaimed. The expected return of the B737 MAX is on New Year's Eve but has not been confirmed yet.

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