Steam sale 2019!
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Steam christmas sale 2019

The steam sale has been happening for years now, 2019 no different. At Christmas Valve always release a huge sale near Christmas time.

So my advice is to always save, as many new great games have released this year, here are a few to watch out for on the sales.

Planet Zoo - Planet Zoo is the sequel to the hit game Planet Coaster made by Frontier Developments, the game released its closed beta recently on steam. Despite its bugs in the beta stage, it has received raving reviews from many influencers that have played the game. So this is one of the biggest games to watch out for in the steam sale.


^ Planet Zoo Poster

Untitled Goose Game - A fantastic silly game that you can spend hours messing with the game AI's and not get bored. This game is fully released and a definite to watch out for in the steam sale this year.

Jackbox Party Pack 6 - A brand new game from the Jackbox team, as always a fantastic game to play at any event with friends and family. Something to watch out for if you have a few friends to play this fantastic game with.

It is only speculated at the moment, but as the biggest competitor to steam Epic Games Store may launch a huge sale on their items too, one game to watch out for is Satisfactory as a exclusive to the store the game has been very popular and increased the popularity of the launcher itself, so watch out for a sale on that one.


^ Satisfactory Gameplay

Do you think epic games launcher can be better than steam?

2 months ago
I personally do not like Planet Coaster, making a massive brand out of something that could have been implemented into Planet Coaster.